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Gilbert Taylor


1914 – 2013


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Remember Me – Oliver Deriviere

remember me cd cover


The first time I heard the Remember Me music was on a YouTube demo gameplay in beginning of the year. My first re/action was to do a big search on the internet to discover from which futuristic movie that terrific score originated from. My jaw dropped to discover that was actually the music of the upcoming game recorded by the Philharmonia Orchestra and composed by a French musician.

Film soundtracks are part of my life, not only because of my passion for films, but because my first contact ever with this world was in the mid-1980’s via John Williams’s Star Wars theme and the Blade Runner jewel by the great Vangelis. I have no doubt in saying that what Olivier Derivieri did here is among the greatest sci-fi scores ever. Also, it is one the best records of the year.

I bought the Remember me soundtrack before playing the actual game. I kept thinking that this was the most surprising musical release of 2013. Electronic music seems to divide opinions since the first decades of 2oth century (see Otto Maria Carpeaux’s O Livro de Ouro da História da Música: Da Idade Média ao Século XX*). But the fact is that Musique Concrete was the “manipulated” result of the experiments done using Classical music. This process, obviously, was very criticized at that time.

Now imagine something that combine both of these elements. Of course some will dislike the rework of traditional music, as I said above, but there is no other way to do it. Let´s face it: how can you write a soundtrack to an imagined world where the main protagonist has to manipulate memories (something 100% human) remixing (something so mechanical) them?

So what Mr. Deriviere accomplished, I don’t know if intentional or not, was to electronically remix the music recorded by the orchestra. It worked perfectly with the Nilin’s history and the concept behind of the cyberpunk game. In a “hopeless” dystopian society, where the future must learn with the past, post electronic world must reunite with ethics and moral. He just got it right.

od po

Oliver Derivieri with the Philharmonia Orchestra

The only problem with the album is the short run-time. The pleasing quality of this work demands repeated more listening. How many times can you listen The Fight in repeat mode? Perhaps the most brilliant song in the album. Our Parents is another glorious track. Many movie composers have tried to do something like that in the past, but only Oliver triumphed. With sensibility and originality, he created an emotional and epic piece of work.

I really hope movie producers and directors listen to this soundtrack and commission Olivier for great projects, documentaries and films. The moviegoers are missing out one of the best composers of our generation. Thank you very much, Derivieri. Also a special thanks to Marion and everyone at AMEO Prod.




* The book is only available in Portuguese.

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Elmore Leonard


1925 – 2013

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Wadjda (Trailer)

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August Schellenberg

59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

1936 – 2013

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Coleção Folha: Grandes Livros no Cinema

Coleção Folha: Grandes Livros no Cinema

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Her (Trailer)

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